Global Business Square Greater Noida – Hub For Commercial Projects

Greater Noida is a promising Real Estate hub in NCR. Property costs are as of now low, and it is expected to rise in the coming years. The availability that this city offers is an imperative motivation behind why vast quantities of residential and commercial ventures are coming up in the territory. The central government […]

Realty Growth In Global Business Square Greater Noida

Did you know, Noida is short for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority? Similarly, are you aware of the reasons why Noida is now growing to be an investment hotspot? Along with Property in Greater Noida, Noida has in the recent past seen a surge in the real estate prices of the region. While flats at Greater […]

The Rising Glory of Global Business Square Greater Noida

In the past, the average Indian mind always appraised the value of gold to be higher than any other form of investment. But with changing times, real estate property has become to be the top form of long-term investment for most Indian households. Not just a roof over the head, but a house that boasts […]

Global Business Square Commercial Property

We all know that there is a good demand for property in NCR, especially Noida. The place enjoys a lot of benefits as compared to any other location in NCR. The roads are wide and well connected. Delhi Metro also plays a major role in connecting Noida to Delhi which makes daily commuting a lot […]

Global Business Square Greater Noida – An Emerging Real Estate Destination

With its metro extensions, expressways, wider highways, and availability of land parcels, Greater Noida promise to be the emerging residential destination in the National Capital Region (NCR). About 26.5 million sq ft of housing supply is projected to come up in Greater Noida by 2009-10. The Taj Expressway, now open to traffic, has brought in […]

Why One Must Explore – Global business Square

The real estate marketplace has always been at the boom in Delhi-NCR. This is the reason that many new launch projects have been encountered in Noida. Both, builders and investors are spending a huge amount of savings either in commercial or in residential property. Hike in the prices of real estate properties is also continuous […]

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