6 Reasons to Consider Flexible Office Space

Coworking is more than just a buzzword – more and more businesses are moving towards flexible office space, because it saves both money and time.

While the concept of coworking has traditionally been attractive to rising startups and small business, often in search of a transient office space to get setup and continue their growth, there are signs of a new development, as more and more corporations begin to invest in flexible office space.


Largely because it just makes sense – financially speaking, corporations have just as much to gain from turning towards monthly rental office space to entire more talent, save on costs, increase their locations, and more.


This latest trend is taking business by storm, and for good reason; but what is it?

Flexible Office Space in Greater Noida refers to a fluid space to conduct business that allows for a wide range of diverse work environments. These shared office spaces allow you to have a designated space for work, but on your terms.

Traditional building leases make less sense for many business owners, as the new trend continues to grow.

Here’s why it’s becoming more popular.

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The first benefit may be the greatest. Flexible office space greatly reduces overhead costs for corporations – cheaper leases, flexible terms (which means a smaller commitment, and less risk), and the cost of rent covers the expenses for not only the workspace, but for:

Break rooms and lounges
Event space
Meeting rooms

An on-site manager means any complications may be addressed immediately, and crucial requests are heard right away. A stocked washroom and regular cleaning services further reduces overhead costs.

To simplify it further: it’s cheaper. While there are some benefits to leasing your own office space, there are other costs at play. Added up, most companies and corporations end up spending far more housing workers and departments in their own office space than potentially outsourcing that space to a well-managed and reputable coworking location.


Coworking spaces attract not only companies, but plenty of freelancers, contractors, and independent pros.

This is advantageous to any large company like, Commercial office space in Noida as the current marketplace is shifting more and more towards outsourcing most of the legwork to independent contractors, rather than hiring more full-time contract workers and in-house employees to handle the workload.

Furthermore, this helps corporations streamline, cutting costs and maximizing the bottom line. Coworking spaces are a great place for companies to scout potential independent professionals and make the best of their services.

As the industry grows, so does the pool of available and nearby freelancers, ever expanding to fill in any number of needed positions, with flexible terms and lower overall costs.

Global Business Square


For many larger companies, it’s fortuitous to have a large physical presence. While it’s true that we’re in the age of telecommunication, not everything can be handled over the phone – or over VoiP.

There’s still much room in today’s marketplace for face-to-face meetings, and clients often seek physical contact to the companies they work with. But it can often be very pricey to send representatives across the country.

Corporations could massively cut costs and boast a smaller carbon footprint by simply utilizing the cost-efficiency of coworking spaces to broaden their workforce across the country without the need for the acquisition of expensive and at times frivolous office spaces.

When you need a greater presence in one city for a set amount of time, it’s better to invest in a flexible office space than sign a lease for much longer than needed. In this sense, ‘satellite locations’ greatly broaden a corporation’s reach, putting them in contact with contractors and partners across state lines.


Landlords are eager to sign deals with companies and paying tenants, which sometimes leads to deals that might include more space than a company would initially need. Some companies get past this by renting out the extra space, but the costs of unused space could simply be avoided with more flexible office space.

Coworking spaces allow for terms that allow companies to customize their coworking plans, using up as much space as they need, or as little as they need.

For corporations seeking to streamline, this arrangement is ideal.


Rental office spaces like Gbs Noida boast other examples of flexibility. The most crucial one is time.

Office space can be rented monthly, avoiding the upfront costs and potential losses of a long-term lease. As corporations take on greater workforces – or cut down – they can adjust their plans accordingly and avoid unnecessary losses.

It’s no secret that coworking is playing an increasing role in the future of office spaces – and some would go so far as to state that it’s become the norm of today.

Startups cannot afford to lease valuable office space in a major urban hub to allow all their employees to converge and work together, as the overhead of running an office is often tremendous, to the point of being nigh unmanageable for most small businesses and moderately successful startups.

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Because the nature of nascent businesses is the need to constantly adapt and overcome, and because the odds of failure are often so high, flexibility is key.

Transient office spaces with paid-for and pre-managed amenities and a reliable connection have gone from being a niche to becoming the norm for companies all over the world, and especially in the United States.

Yet flexible shared offices are more than just a steppingstone into a greater office. While corporations will likely continue to hold onto traditional offices, many are working on including the benefits of coworking in order to increase their bottom line, taking full advantage of the lower costs and extra benefits that come from sharing spaces with other companies and renting cost-efficient office spaces all over the country.


Regional offices are often cumbersome, underutilized, and very expensive – opting to transfer a regional operation to a coworking space can eliminate these issues at the cost of less privacy, which is not a major issue for companies and corporations that need not worry about data safety.

Even so, most flexible office spaces are entirely aware of the issue and are often working on providing the best possible physical and digital security on the market.

Perhaps the greatest final argument is talent – coworking has become more convenient not only for companies, but for workers as well, often offering comfortable and productive office spaces in attractive locations, with a much more modern office culture, catering to the work styles of the modern worker.

Why not provide the best spaces for your workers to do their best work?

Buy office Space in Greater Noida, Flexible office spaces are the future, but it’s up to each company to figure the best way to take advantage of this growing industry.

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Builders in Noida – Global Business Square

With the rapid growth of business centres especially of the IT sector, Noida is presently witnessing a thriving real estate market. Ranging from commercial to residential, the city is one of the most preferred locations for real estate investment. The builders in Noida are hence gearing up to invest the best of their expertise for developing commercial and residential buildings of world-class infrastructure.

Several builders are coming up with well-developed structures ranging from Commercial office space in Noida, flats, bungalows, corporate and business parks, townships, shopping malls to penthouses with sprawling green societies. Let us take note of some of the top builders in Noida.

Global Business Square
commercial project noida

Renowned Builders in Noida 

Unitech – The Unitech Group has a pan India presence. All across India, from Mumbai to Delhi, people reside in Unitech homes with comfort. The housing societies are built with top-class modern amenities offering a luxurious lifestyle. You would find clubhouses, jogging tracks and recreational centres within the housing societies. 

Being one of the leading property developers, the Unitech is also involved in building Commercial Property in Noida of top-class infrastructure.

Krishna Group – In the recent years Jai Krishan Estate has made its mark as one of the finest real estate developers in Noida. Within a short period, the Krishna Group has achieved great success. Ranging from commercial to residential the group excels in developing structures of top-class facilities and services. The prime objective of Krishna Group is to provide residential units with standard living facilities and Commercial Property for Sale in Greater Noida at considerably affordable price.

Global Business Square

ATS Group – Among the famous builders in Noida, the ATS group is regarded as one of them. The ATS Group works with highly experienced professionals who with the aid of their skills conceive structures of immense architectural brilliance. The real estate properties developed by the ATS group are hence built on international standards with all modern facilities.

Builders in Greater Noida 

The builders in Noida have been able to turn the newly formed town into a mini metro by initiating mass real estate development. The real estate investment in Greater Noida churns huge returns as a result of which the major developers keep no stone unturned to construct a state of art structures. Few of the builders that have taken part in Greater Noida development include GBS Noida, S.L. Associates, Eldeco Infrastructure and Properties and Ansal Housing and Construction Ltd.

For More Information- https://www.gbsnoida.com

Global Business Square Greater Noida – Hub For Commercial Projects

Greater Noida is a promising Real Estate hub in NCR. Property costs are as of now low, and it is expected to rise in the coming years. The availability that this city offers is an imperative motivation behind why vast quantities of residential and commercial ventures are coming up in the territory. The central government is truly considering incorporating Greater Noida in the rundown of keen urban communities and make it a piece of the ‘100 smart cities’ main goal. This will additionally offer a lift to the development of new condos in this area.

Real Estate project in Global Business Square Greater Noida is moving speedier for completion. By the end of this year, major developers and possessions will be given to the buyers. A hefty portion of the properties in Noida expansion activities are prepared to move with a blend of reasonable luxurious villas,Retail office Spaces in Greater Noida, colleges, office spaces, high rise apartments, IT parks, and MNC’S. Every one of these projects will likewise include shopping centres, clubs, taxi stand, police headquarters, sports area, lodging and hospitals close-by or in general public premises. These offices will draw in purchasers.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

When talking about Greater Noida West, you just can’t separate the real estate, which is mind-blowing, as well as can help you with an ideal zone. From business to residential, there are such a large number of alternatives available that this field is unquestionably going to transform into a gold dig for developers as well as investors. If you need, you can also try to deal with the infrastructure developments along with construction values, for you to deal with. Besides, the correspondence territory is additionally very high in the zone of Global Business Square Greater Noida West, which will likewise expand the estimations of this place in front of both real estate developers and investors.

Different multi-million organizations are creating distinctive projects throughout the city. On the off chance that you need to make tremendous benefits with huge players in the market, you have to run with GBS Noida Commercial projects. Ensure the venture you put resources into ought to be of a prestigious real estate organization. You should abstain from running with a showy developer as it might lead you towards huge amounts of issues.

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Realty Growth In Global Business Square Greater Noida

Did you know, Noida is short for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority? Similarly, are you aware of the reasons why Noida is now growing to be an investment hotspot? Along with Property in Greater Noida, Noida has in the recent past seen a surge in the real estate prices of the region. 
While flats at Greater Noida are perfect for the urban home buyer who is looking for homes situated close to their workplace but a little away from the pandemonium of the city. There is a lot to learn about the realty growth of Noida. Let’s take a look at the reasons for the booming growth of Noida.

Global Business Square Greater Noida
commercial project noida

Easy on the pocket

Gone are the days when buying a home was only for those with deep pockets. Today, with the various configurations and types of homes available in the market, everyone who harbors the dream of owning a home can actually make it happen. Lucrative deals with real estate developers also aid in this process. However, there are some locations that are to see developments in the recent future that still maintain affordable rates for their homes. Global Business Square Greater Noida, for example, are affordable and offer residents the chance to live a good lifestyle while staying connected to the city.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

Linked up!

Ever looked at those parts of the city that are not connected to the main city? Well, ensure that you do a good check of the status of the proposed developments and have a look at how easy or difficult it is for you to travel to work or other places you frequent. For those looking at flats in Greater Noida, know that there is an upcoming extension of metro services, from Pari Chowk till Yamuna Expressway Sector 18 & 20. Also, there is an expressway that connects the major parts of NCR, like Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Aligarh, Mathura, etc. Gbs Noida, thus, boasts of great connectivity to the rest of the city which is added advantage for those investing in property in Greater Noida.

Necessary frills – The infrastructure

Proudly standing at the 17th position when it comes to cleanliness among cities in India, Noida is looking at making great progress in terms of infrastructure. There is another list that Noida has aced in and that is the number of tallest buildings in cities in India, Noida stands 2nd to Mumbai in this regard. Noida also boasts of world-class amenities such the famed, Yamuna Expressway, wider city roads, renowned hospitals, public parks, Formula One Track, metro connectivity and a green initiative to recycle waster water and e-governance. With 70 percent green cover, Global Business Square Noida is the right mix of greenery with a cosmopolitan feel to it.

Global Business Square Greater Noida
commercial project greater noida

Green open patches, wider roads, better civic amenities, and great connectivity, what more can one ask for when you’re looking to set up your new home? Keeping everything in mind, if you’re looking for a property in Greater Noida be rest assured you’re making the right decision by choosing to settle down there.

For More information-  https://www.gbsnoida.com/

The Rising Glory of Global Business Square Greater Noida

In the past, the average Indian mind always appraised the value of gold to be higher than any other form of investment. But with changing times, real estate property has become to be the top form of long-term investment for most Indian households. Not just a roof over the head, but a house that boasts of all modern amenities that will make family living comfortable and peaceful is what every average Indian now dreams of.

The Indian real estate industry is also rising to the occasion with a myriad of projects ranging from affordable 1BHK budget apartments in Noida to premium luxury villas in NCR with the upscale environment and modern amenities. Reputed developers like Supertech and Amrapali are also developing premium and affordable residential projects that are making the skyline of Global Business Square Noida more prominent in the country.

The city of Noida was established under the Uttar Pradesh Industrial Development Act of 1976. The city since then has grown in industrial prowess becoming an important hub of manufacturing and industrial activity. Today, it has become more prominent as an IT hub and also a prime residential location located just 20 km away from South-East New Delhi.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

That said, Noida seems to be ranked high on the desirability radar of most Indian households. The city, now ranked 17th in the national cleanliness index poses as the perfect living destination with ample domestic facilities. Noida residential properties also enjoy quick capital appreciation as the population of IT corporations and employees are on a steady increase.

What makes Noida appealing to the working-class customers is the upcoming metro connection. The DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) recently approved a metro route that will connect Global Business Square Greater Noida with Noida. The metro link will also make Botanical Garden and Kalindi Kunj easily accessible to the residents of Noida. The closely laid Yamuna Expressway is another infrastructural feat that boosts Noida’s transport facilities sky high.

Noida also eloquently addresses the prime concern of every family – quality educational facilities for their children. Highly respected academic institutions like the Delhi Public School, Vishwa Bharti Public School, Amity International, Kendriya Vidyalaya, and Kothari International are all located within the close precincts of Noida providing world-class education until high school.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

The city is also home to the extension campus of IIM Lucknow. The Asian Academy of Film and Television located in Film City is also a beehive of activity attracting creative talent from all corners of the country and the world. Other high education institutions in Noida include Amity University, JSS Academy of Technical Education, Galgotias University (GU), Jaypee Institute of Information Technology and Jaipuria Institute of Management.

The citizens of Noida appreciate fun and frolic as a way of living. As a result, the numbers of movie plexes, fancy eateries, entertainment avenues and hangout joints have increased drastically in the past few years. The Jaipuria Mall, CentreStage Mall, Shopprix Mall, etc. are the hotspots where the local crowds head to catch a movie or to spend leisure time.

To conclude, GBS Noida is a clean and vibrant city where all the needs of a comfortable living will be met with abundance. The city is an ideal location for aspiring homeowners who want to have a manifold capital appreciation for their initial investment.

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Global Business Square Commercial Property

We all know that there is a good demand for property in NCR, especially Noida. The place enjoys a lot of benefits as compared to any other location in NCR. The roads are wide and well connected. Delhi Metro also plays a major role in connecting Noida to Delhi which makes daily commuting a lot easier for residents. All kinds of properties are being developed in the area by GBS Noida authority as well as major construction houses and property developers. It is fast becoming a favorite activity hub for offices, industries and retail shops.

Global Business Square

The township is also expanding at a fast pace. Many new residential and commercial sectors are being developed like Global Business Square Greater Noida . All this means a good investment opportunity for people who want to have a base in the city. A lot of new projects are in the initial stages which make the prices quite affordable.

A lot of investors like to buy commercial properties that have the potential to give you good returns in the near future. All the big construction houses are making their presence felt in the area by starting up new projects and offering all sorts of facilities to the buyers so that they can start using their spaces as soon as possible.

Global Business Square
commercial project noida

One such commercial property project is Global Business Square by Srigarv Infratech  This developer group has already completed many such projects in the past and has good experience in developing commercial properties. Continuing with excellence, Srigarv Infratech is back with yet another architectural marvel in the heart of Greater Noida. Global Business Square (GBS Greater Noida) is an epitome of perfection blended with style. This commercial suite will provide the business owners with ultra-modern shop space in Greater Noida, which shall reflect the markets of the future. The project is designed to be a landmark, surrounded by busiest markets with abundant opportunities for economic growth for every sector.

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Global Business Square Greater Noida – An Emerging Real Estate Destination

With its metro extensions, expressways, wider highways, and availability of land parcels, Greater Noida promise to be the emerging residential destination in the National Capital Region (NCR). About 26.5 million sq ft of housing supply is projected to come up in Greater Noida by 2009-10.

The Taj Expressway, now open to traffic, has brought in higher end-user demand for housing. After rising consistently for three years from 2003 to mid-2006, the Global Business Square Greater Noida property market is stable now. The days when prices doubled every year are long gone. Prices are quite high and investors, many of them have made substantial gains are heading for the exit. Another reason is that with property rates had risen quite high, investors are heading for other cheaper destinations, such as the Nahar Paar area of Faridabad.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

The Greater Noida Authority is revamping the civic amenities and other infrastructural facilities. Much awaited projects like the international airport at Jewar and 160-km long Noida-Agra Taj Expressway will help in the fast-track growth of the Greater Noida.

The level of occupancy in higher-end housing projects in Greater Noida is recorded at around 20-30%, as for HNIs (High Networth Individuals) who buy property in GBS Noida is just for investment. Furthermore, due to the lack of basic civic amenities, the end-user segment is not ready to shift in these projects. One of the important factors responsible for the low occupancy in many of Greater Noida’s sectors is the absence of public transport. At present only those who can afford private vehicles live in Greater Noida.

Global Business Square Greater Noida
commercial project noida

Most builders are developing premium residential and retail projects in anticipation of the Global business Square Noida-Greater Noida zone emerging as an IT-ITES hub. These real estate projects in Greater Noida are targeted at higher-level executives from the IT-ITES industry. However, as far as long term prospects of Greater Noida are concerned, the township is very well-planned and offers clean air and a lot of greenery.

For More Information- https://www.gbsnoida.com/

Why One Must Explore – Global business Square

The real estate marketplace has always been at the boom in Delhi-NCR. This is the reason that many new launch projects have been encountered in Noida. Both, builders and investors are spending a huge amount of savings either in commercial or in residential property. Hike in the prices of real estate properties is also continuous and so is the development of buildings. In the current scenario, people can have their dream home in the favorable location with excellent career opportunities and bright future growth.

Surrounding cities like Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Delhi are also in the proximity to Noida. This allows residents of Noida to commute across the city with flawless transportation facilities offered by bus and metro. One of the prime reasons of booking a property in Global Business Square Greater Noida is its affordable prices. Builders are also offering attractive schemes to buyers under which a buyer can book without any financial crisis. People can get such attractive payment plans as per their requirement. Additionally, in contrast to Delhi and other neighboring cities, the property price in Noida is very low.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

Current Scenario of property in Noida:

Noida-Greater Noida Expressway is offering seamless transportation facility. Thus, the tremendous growth in the real estate market is touching the heights. Also, the neighboring city; Delhi is highly developed, thus, Noida has got an influence and got the rapid growth. People are relocating themselves in Noida because of its rapid development and high future growth. So, population in Noida is expected to get doubled in the upcoming years.

Some of the reputed builders like Ace, Supertech, 3C, Ajnara, Aditya and many more have launched fascinating projects in Gbs Noida. These projects are not only situated in the prime locations, but also they are also surrounded with the ultra-modern amenities. These amenities include advanced security system, 24×7 water and power supply, gymnasium, clubs, swimming pools, shopping complex, jogging track, wide parking area and much more. The residents can enjoy a hi-tech lifestyle by making a booking of apartments available in 2/3/4 BHK in varied sizes. The prices are also variable depending upon various factors.

Global Business Square Greater Noida

Property Price Trends of Noida:

As mentioned above, prices of property in Noida are budget friendly against other cities. Thus, those who are planning to get settled in Noida, they will not only enjoy an affordable property, but also ultra-modern homes with luxury lifestyle. The low price properties in Noida are also surrounded state-of-the-art restaurants, brands, facilities and shopping complexes.

The bottom line is that one must definitely explore new launch projects Global Business Square in Noida before investing in real estate market or getting settled in NCR.

For More Information- https://www.gbsnoida.com/

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